mep engineering

MEP and BIM systems

Karno Energy MEP engineers must have access to accurate design information to plan for the planning of MEP systems, as complex configurations, especially in crowded rooms, can be very difficult to plan during the design phase. Using Building Information Modeling (BIM), our MEP engineers can access critical designs, contributing to a construction process that can be more efficient, lead to fewer on-site issues, and create an optimal system design.

Mechanical part of MEP
Mechanical systems most often refer to heating and air conditioning systems, but they can also refer to transportation systems such as elevators and escalators, infrastructure items, industrial installations and machinery, etc.

Heating and air conditioning can be used in buildings to:
  • Regulate indoor humidity.
  • Adjust internal temperatures.
  • Maintain indoor air quality.

Electrical systems and MEP
Electrical systems can include: Power supply and distribution. Information and telecommunication systems. Control systems. Security and access systems. Detection and alarm systems. Indoor and outdoor lighting.

Karno Energy MEP-solutions for water pipes systems
Plumbing refers to any system that allows fluids to be moved, typically using pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other devices.

Plumbing systems can be used for:
  • Heating and cooling.
  • Water recovery and treatment systems.
  • Rainwater, surface and underground drainage.
  • Fuel gas pipelines.
  • Waste removal.
  • Drinking cold and hot water.

So, creating mechanical, electrical, and piping systems and define spaces and zones in the building model, in other words mep engineering, is an important part of building services and can have many different functions. Typically specialized consultants and contractors, MEP systems can present complex challenges in terms of coordination and granularity. They must meet several objectives and criteria for design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.
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